Fuse Refrigeration

HVAC Service: Heat Pump Installation in Los Altos, California

Installation and Repair
Our qualified technicians performed an HVAC service in Los Altos, California: heat pump system installation. Everybody chooses the system that matches their needs and lifestyle, so it is important to understand what is perfect for you. Both air conditioners and heat pumps have pros and cons, and we try our best to explain them to you — read the post in our blog to learn more. And if you need professional assistance in choosing your system, we are always available.

How To Perform This HVAC Service?

First, our technicians dismounted, hauled away and recycled the old system. Then they installed a new system according to the building standards. During this project we served:
  • Mitsubishi PVFY-P54NAMU-E1 Multi-Position Air Handler;
  • MXZ-SM36NAM;
  • MXZ-SM60NAM;
  • Controls and accessories.

Qualified EPA certified specialists provided this HVAC service, besides, Fuse provides a 3 years warranty for HVAC-installation labor.