Fuse Refrigeration

Tell a Friend — Get Some Cash

Would you like to earn money doing nothing? We know you do 😊 Here's the deal: refer your friend to Fuse Service and receive a cash check from us as a token of appreciation. We are thrilled to announce our improved referral program, offering 2% from the sum of the whole installation that your friend gets from us.

How it Works:

You simply recommend our services to someone in need, whether it's a friend, relative, or neighbor who requires HVAC, electrical, plumbing, or solar installation. After they order and complete the installation, we calculate 2% of what your friend or relative paid total and send you a check for this amount. No hidden catch or strings attached. Now your friend is a happy owner of a brand new equipment and you enjoy some income for not doing anything but simply pointing out to the best contractor in the Bay Area!

Terms and conditions:

  1. The referral fee is valid for the installation and replacement of any HVAC equipment (air conditioner, heat pump system, furnace etc.), electrical panel installation and replacement, solar panels installation, water heater installation and replacement.
  2. To receive the referral fee, the referrer should provide the referent with the unique code — the invoice number of the referrer. The invoice number is indicated in the emails received from our company. The referent should provide this unique code to the Fuse Service estimator during their first visit for a quote.
  3. The amount of the referral fee is limited to $500 for one project.
  4. The referral fee is valid for any new estimates provided by Fuse after January 1, 2023.
  5. The referral fee is not valid for any approved or provided estimates before January 1, 2023, scheduled installations or jobs in progress.
  6. The referral fee is valid for the first installation at the provided address. Any other installations made at the same address can not enjoy the referral fee bonus.
  7. The referral fee is valid only after both the invoices of the referent and the referrer are paid in full.
  8. The referral fee can not be applied as a discount.
  9. Fuse Service Inc. leaves their right to change the terms and conditions of the offer. Check for the current terms and conditions on our website in the section “Coupons”.