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10 Easy Ways to Lower AC Bill

The cooling season is here. That means that very soon a good chunk of your bills will be about the air conditioner. Here are some tips on how to lower AC bill this summer.

What to Do to Lower AC Bill?

  • Seal your windows for any leaks. Poorly sealed windows let the air out — including the cool air from the AC. So your unit will have to work much harder to provide fresh air in the house.
  • Use the programmable thermostat. They can adjust the temperature automatically when you are sleeping or away from the house. According to the Department of Energy, this will help you save up to 10% annually.
  • Don't skip the maintenance for your AC. Regular check-ups by your contractor (we hope it is FUSE 😉) keep your system running at full capacity. This will save you a lot in the longer run.
  • Reduce cooking indoors. On especially hot days it is better not to use ovens as they generate a lot of heat. Summer is perfect for cooking outdoors — go get that barbecue, tiger!
  • Cover your windows. Shades, curtains, blinds — whatever looks good with your interior design. According to the DOE, when it’s hot, about 76% of sunlight on windows enters in the form of heat.
  • Plant some trees around the house. Leafy trees will also prevent the sunlight entering the house. Trees are also great for the environment!
  • Install an attic fan. The sun hits your roof hard warming up the attic and the whole house. A fan in the attic will help blow the hot air away.
  • Insulate your walls and attic. They can also be the sources of the leaks. With the brand new insulation the energy efficiency will go up and help you save on the AC.
  • Divide your house in zones. You don't need the room nobody uses to be cool. Get a zoning system and use the AC only where people currently hang out. It's super efficient!
  • Get an efficient AC system. The most efficient air conditioners use 30% to 50% less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as air conditioners made in the mid 1970s. Even if your air conditioner is only 10 years old, you may save 20% to 40% of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a more efficient model.

Fuse Service is here to help you lower AC bill.

Yes, at the beginning it is an investment, but it is your insurance of the better life quality in the long run. Our specialists can suggest the most efficient AC system that would be perfect just for you and your house. To book a free estimate, drop us an email at support@fuseservice.com or call (408) 721-2530. We will take care of the rest.